Twin Poems: Caroline Monnet & Sylvia Matas

Caroline Monnet June 07 (detail)

Caroline Monnet June 07 (detail)

On January 5th LANTERN opens 2018 with two brilliant artists whose aesthetic is stark, crisp and fully realized. Having wanted to work with both Sylvia Matas and Caroline Monnet for years this opportunity to exhibit them together for Twin Poems is both fortuitous and synchronistic. Their work pairs beautifully together.  LANTERN will be exhibiting ten new Sylvia Matas graphite drawings and six new wood panels by Caroline Monnet.  Both artists are also be presenting videos. Behind the sun  (S. Matas) is a mysterious, looping narrative about an automobile breakdown on a country road. Forbidden to Swim (C. Monnet) features a kaleidoscopic collage of opulent church domed ceilings paired with a sparse voice over attesting to water contamination on First Nations communities. 

Caroline Monnet June 03 detail.jpg

Monnet’s laser cut wood reliefs are are laser etched and burnt black with an ingenious use of tech and design. There is a wonderful tactility and delicate balance between the high art modernist design, precise laser cut lines, and the natural, familiar wood grain surface.


Matas’s works are haunting, elusive meditations -“We experience time in a linear fashion, but it is often described by science and mythology as being cyclical or synchronous. As with many things, the way we perceive time through the filter of being human, might not be accurate or the best description. ” -S. Matas.

SMATAS Between then and now_06_2017.jpg

Her graphite duplicates about time and human dwellings are folded in the middle to mimic the centre pages of a sketchbook, then carefully and expertly framed to keep that intimate shape. 

Caroline Monnet & Sylvia Matas: Twin Poems will be running for the month of January only.